Entry #1

Time for a fresh start...

2010-03-22 21:51:01 by TheBiocide

I've learned a lot over the years and FL and I have become quite good acquaintances. I truly hope everyone appreciates my music, or at least enjoys it. There will be plenty of new tunes on the way, so if you like what you hear, keep coming back for more ;D

Time for a fresh start...


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2011-02-18 23:34:44


TheBiocide responds:

Hahaha, thanks man.


2011-03-14 12:13:02

Very nice, very nice; you are one of the dub artists that I am going to have to follow so I can say "Hey, I gave him constructive criticism back when he was on newgrounds!" when you are all famous and stuff ;3

Keep producing good stuff man, I heartily look forward to everything you produce in the future!

(Updated ) TheBiocide responds:

Hahaha, awesome man, I feel honored to be "followed" by someone like you :) You're definitely one of my favorite reviewers, thanks so much.
And I've got plenty more tunes on the way so keep checking back :D


2011-04-18 20:21:22

What a lovely piece of album art.

TheBiocide responds:

Why thank you Alana :)


2011-05-05 13:38:45

Totally jealous of your album art haha. Keep the music coming man :p. I know you havn't gotten many (if any? :/) reviews from me, but i've listened to just about all your stuff. Love it to death.

Keep on keepin' on.

TheBiocide responds:

Haha thanks man! But there's nothing to be jealous of... I "borrowed" this image from something else. I wish I could remember what, cuz I'd love to see more art from this guy.
Anyhow, thanks a ton for the comment! I really like the stuff you make as well. Perhaps a collab is in order?

Take it easy, my friend. Hope to hear from you again soon!


2011-05-10 20:22:12

You're on my top artists list for the audio portal, just so you know.

TheBiocide responds:

Well hey, thanks for the heads up, man. I appreciate that :)


2011-10-02 06:19:17

Hey, I wish you good luck in your music career, and that you become famous. I have commented on all your tunes by now, and they are all great. I'm really wanting to be like you, your kind of my idol. I have been watching on how to use FL and I hope if I can quirk out a couple tunes, and (I don't think THIS would happen) you might comment on it if you have the time in the near future, I would hope to make a collab with you. (I don't think THAT will happen either)

Anyways, good luck with your career and I will stay tuned to your channel, 100%.

Best wishes,