200 (Got-damn) Favorites :D

2011-10-02 19:59:47 by TheBiocide

You guys are awesome, thanks so much!

Its been longer than I would've liked since I've uploaded a new song and now that I've reached my 200 mark I figure now's a time better than ever to put something out. Soooo expect to hear from me soon! ;)
Otherwise, I've got quite a few unfinished beats that need to be wrapped up, so I've been busy with that. And I've also been focusing pretty hard on schoolwork this year. It's my 2nd year of college and things are starting to pick up...

Anyhow, all the reviews, votes, and favorites you guys give me really mean a lot. You all have made Newgrounds even more awesome for me and I'm going to continue to upload for as long as possible.

I'll be uploading tunes on my Soundcloud that might not be up for download on my Newgrounds, so check it out if you like my stuff :) http://soundcloud.com/thebiocide

EDIT*** I've just made a Skype for my musical alias. Add me on there if you wanna talk :) Just search TheBiocide

200 (Got-damn) Favorites :D


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2011-10-03 06:59:46

First of all, Congratulations that you reached your 200 Mark on faves. I'm waiting eagerly for your next
tune. Here's a fact: When you get 200 faves it doesn't just feel great, It's also good for your popularity, Example: One User hears it and faves it, then he tells his friends about you, and their friends tell their friends and blah, blah. Anyway I'm really happy for you and hope that all Newgrounds will know you.

P.S. I left 3 more comments 1) On Caped Crusader 2) The Annex & 3) On your very first news post.

P.P.S. Here's a question: How did you learn to use FL? Did you watch tutorials, Did you learn it yourself, or did you get teached? just intrested in that question (cause I'm learning FL too!)

Best Wishes

TheBiocide responds:

Thanks a lot, dude! I'm slowly but surely gaining notoriety! Hahaha ;) I also responded to your comments so you could check em if you want.

And as for your question, I started out with tutorials on youtube. They can be a really great way to just learn the basics and you can still have plenty of room to explore on your own. Definitely look some up, man! It's pretty much like sitting in class; you're learning but everything is much less boring ;)


2011-10-05 20:17:42

Congratulations on 200! :D Again, you deserve it ;)

I understand your schoolwork taking a lot of time and focus. Between my college class, 12th grade English, Statistics, and, more recently, my new job, I seem to have no free time. X.X

That being said, I am still eagerly awaiting your next song.

Good luck in college, I do not know if you need it, but hopefully it eases up a bit. (Beware the pop quiz) And, as always, keep up the amazing work.

One more thing, "I'm going to continue to upload for as long as possible." Please do not let that be any time soon. ;P

TheBiocide responds:

That was an awesome comment, man. Haha, thanks so much! :D

And yeah, dude, free time is a luxury these days. I'm glad you can relate! As for the new song, that should be up sometime in the next 12 hours.

Thanks for the luck, too. Hahaha, I'm gonna need all the luck I can get. Same goes for you, man. Hope you've got enough free time to still enjoy yourself every now and then. Gotta stay sane though college somehow ;)

And don't you worry, I'll be uploading for a lonngggg time, man. There's plenty more to come :D


2011-10-06 13:22:13

200.... get a life man lol. Nah man congrats on a job well done. Hope your enjoying the fame and hope that you're around for a ocuple of years on here. I keep losing my favorite artists so stick around with your music for a while!

(Updated ) TheBiocide responds:

Hahahaha, thanks man! I'll be around for a gooood while on here! I'll try my hardest to be. I'm glad I'm considered one of your favorites too, thanks for that! :)


2011-10-15 07:37:54

Schoolwork. We all know it, we all hate it.
Congrats on the 200 faves and making music while getting the work done :)

Thanks for reminding me to check your soundcloud for new stuff more often. I would totally have missed out "Castellum" and "Antifreeze".
I think Armadillo is nice too... but Castellum is my new favorite track from you now :3

Why don't you upload them on NG too? Licensing stuff? Or because it's easily downloadable here?
I'm pretty sure that you would get more feedback and listens in the NGAP.

And of course I'll write some reviews when i have the time. Until then I'll be happily listening to Castellum ;)

TheBiocide responds:

Thanks a lot, man! I've got a new way of getting work done this year, so keeping up with class gives me a lot more free time to do music shit than last year.

And I'm really glad you like my Soundcloud-only stuff. They're on there because I want people to hear em, but I also wanna send em to some labels. If I put em up for download they can't be sent to a label. At least, that's what one has told me.

Thanks again, man! Glad you're still coming back for more ;D


2011-10-16 21:07:57

Man, you deserve each and every favorite. You have solid tracks all around and you bring it hard. Keep the music going and the flow flowing. I wanna hear more from you, you have some serious talent and for that you will go far. Just don't muff it up with music that you yourself don't appreciate. If you don't appreciate it no one will.

TheBiocide responds:

Thanks a lot, my friend. You've got some wise words there. Haha, really though, good advice. Hope to see more of you on my later projects, man. You've got some pretty good feedback to give :)


2011-10-17 06:10:02

Watch out, i'm coming right up behind you at 179 >:)

But seriously, congratulations! There's only a few artists on this website who really deserve more attention than they get. You're definitely one of em; you've got a unique sound and amazing creativity. I find myself going "holy shit" on just about every song you put out. Lots of things you've done that havn't even occured to me rhythm and mixing-wise.

pop open the champagne bottles my friend, you deserve it :)

(Updated ) TheBiocide responds:

Thanks a lot, dude. I really appreciate that. And you've gotten popular quite early on, my friend. You've got a natural talent, and I can certainly hear it. Keep on keepin on and thanks again for the encouraging words! :)