Still moving forward...

2012-03-03 23:41:45 by TheBiocide

Things are going quite well for me, musically. I've got another remix for iNfliktioN coming out soon, this time on Betamorph Recordings. It's called "Sentinel Prime" and the release is going to be huge - there's remixes by myself, Spark, SubVibe, Atomic, Rekoil, and possibly more. The original has already garnered nods from KLGRM, Eptic, Bare Noize, Future Prophecies, and Liquid Stranger and has already worked its way into the setlists of Badklaat and Widelows. I couldn't be happier for Ross (iNfliktioN) and couldn't be more grateful for him to ask me to remix it :D

In other news, I've made a Bandcamp and uploaded my first tune onto it. It's not like anything I've uploaded before... this one's very, very chill. You're free to set any price you want so enjoy! :)

Here's the link to my Bandcamp as well as my other pages:
I still have yet to make a Facebook... I'll get around to it ;)

Things are just starting to take off, I appreciate anyone and everyone who's taken the time to leave me comments, views, ratings, and messages. I've gotten a lot of support and I'm loving every minute of it <3 Thanks guys!

Still moving forward...


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2012-03-04 02:38:20

anytime, bro.

TheBiocide responds:



2012-03-06 16:54:44

good news indeed.
Your new track on Bandcamp sounds almost ambient-y, it must have been fun for you to take a break off your usual style which is rather intense.
But I do have a question now: Where will you upload in the future? You have an account here, on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Youtube. How am i going to find your new tracks?

TheBiocide responds:

Yeah, dude. I've always really been into Down-tempo stuff but I never really gave it a shot. This was the first attempt and it was a lot of fun. I still have way too much love for my "intense" style so I'm probably going to continue making that for the most part.

And as far as finding my stuff you can find it on all of those sites. Most will be uploaded to youtube and soundcloud, with maybe a few demos and full tracks every here and there on NG. You won't have to look hard ;)

Thanks for asking, man.


2012-03-10 07:52:41

nice man, good to see ;)

TheBiocide responds:

Thanks a lot, my friend!