More tunes on the way!

2012-04-22 04:41:16 by TheBiocide

Hey, guys :)

A few, really good things have happened lately regarding my music. First of which, is the "Sentinel Prime" EP, forthcoming on Betamorph Recs. I'm still waiting to find out release details on it, so check back a few times if you're curious ;) Second, is that my song "Cactus" is going to be released on Cloud Candy Recordings (for free) sometime in the near future along with 2 or 3 other free tunes (not mine). And third, is that I've got a tune coming out on Drop the Bassline's free compilation. The song's called "Immortality" and it's going to drop with 25+ other tracks from a bunch other artists.

In other news, my college classes let out for the summer in THREE. DAYS. I'm fuckin' stoked. I haven't had much time to produce lately cuz the end of the year is just a bitch when it comes to schoolwork. Which would explain my lack of new tunes lately - but that's going to change. Once I'm out, the tunes will begin to roll in. I can't wait to get back in the game! Haha

Annnnd, here's a clip of my newest track, "Achilles" - Enjoy!

And here's links to my
And finally, Facebook!

Thanks for all the support you guys <3


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2012-04-23 01:58:42

That's a lot of new brotha'man. Gratz on it all though, I def wanna have the hook-up on release date for your EP, aswell as thanks for the free song off of Cloud Candy, and I'll be looking for the Drop THe Bassline mix up.

I hope college has been good for ya, that shit does get hectic towards finals. But, let me be the first to tell you that NG (and myself lol) have missed ya, I look forwards to hearing some of the new wobbles that pulse through you man.

You're more than welcome for the support, most of all thank you for the music. Hit me up.

In Dub We Step My Friend, Until We Meet Again.

TheBiocide responds:

Thanks a lot, man! Good to see you're still hangin around and checkin' up on things :)

I'll have all of the info for every release posted here as soon as I get it. So keep your eyes peeled for updates.

And college lately has given me very little time to produce, but I'm just glad to be getting good ass grades. I've literally got one more day of school and then I'm out, so the I know it won't be long before you guys are hearing some more new tunes ;)

Thanks again, my friend. We'll be in touch!


2012-04-26 21:23:27

Congratz Congratz and do I hear another CONGRATZ? Oooo I cant wait for Sentinel Prime EP and Cactus (drools) and yet another congratz on getting out of college for summer hope you enjoy your free time, use it wisely.

TheBiocide responds:

Thanks a lot, man :) Glad you're anticipating these releases! This should be a pretty awesome summer... Only time will tell! Haha


2012-04-27 16:32:31

Has a really rugged Mortal Kombat feel to it

TheBiocide responds:

Thanks man! Never thought of that - I like it! Good to see you're still checkin' back as well :)