Core Concept EP OUT NOW!

2012-11-12 16:54:51 by TheBiocide

My first, 4-track EP (that I should've been keeping you guys up to date on) released not too long ago on High Intensity Records. And I must say, so far, things are going incredibly well! One of the four tracks, Backburner, maxed out at #38 on Beatport's top 100 Glitch-Hop songs :D

I'm incredibly grateful for all of the support TheBiocide has been getting over the years and it's showing now more than ever - I appreciate every ounce of it!

You can check out the EP on Beatport here. If you prefer iTunes or any other digital providers, you should have no problem finding it there too!

Thanks again for all the support, guys! Plenty of new stuff on the way!

Core Concept EP OUT NOW!


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2012-11-12 17:35:11

Guess what I just bought

TheBiocide responds:

If it is what I think it is then thank you very much, my friend :)

Much love to ya! <3


2012-11-13 07:01:34

Wow so cool! :D

TheBiocide responds:

Thanks, man! :)


2012-11-13 19:25:42

It is what you think. I bought the EP and it was amazing. My favorite song is stingray.

Keep up the great work man, and ill continue to support you.

TheBiocide responds:

Awesome! There's plenty more on the way, my friend! Appreciate the support so far :)



2012-11-14 01:04:40

Grats on the release bro, that's killer, I previewed that songs on Beatport, killer job man, as always lol, you master that shit, mow it down like a zombie fest.

Unfortunately I have no money to buy it and support you at the moment bro but, asap man.

I look forwards to the new drops as always man, much love, get at me.

- Riggz Rukus

P.S. Did you get the "mail" I sent to you? It like glitched on me when I tried to send it so, dunno if it made it through.

TheBiocide responds:

No worries, buddy! I'm just glad you all are diggin' the tunes! I'll have some new stuff up soon ;)

And yes! I did get your message, but I didn't have time to respond. I've been swamped with school work... but I'll get to it now.

Cheers, dude!


2012-11-15 16:22:35


TheBiocide responds:

Hahaha! Thank ya! Glad the news is being well-received so far! :D


2012-11-27 01:33:10

If only I had an iTunes gift card.....

TheBiocide responds:

Perhaps an early Christmas present...? Hahahaha, I kid, I'm glad you're enjoying the tunes, buddy :)


2012-12-25 00:01:09

I am late to the celebration, but I cannot tell you how happy I am to see that you are still active. I had trouble finding the free time to check Newgrounds and it eventually just slipped my mind.

Just wanted to let you know that despite my long absence, I am still listening to your music and I am excited to start going through all of the tracks that I missed. As I have said numerous times before, you have a great talent and I am glad to see you continuing to take full advantage of it. I am, hopefully, back to stay. Though I may not have time to write reviews when the next semester starts, I will do my best to support your future work.

On topic of the announcement: Congratulations! That is fantastic to hear and I will be buying this as soon as I am able.

Keep up the great work and, as always, I wish you luck wherever you may need it.

Oh, and I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

TheBiocide responds:

Reading this review was such an awesome way to start my Christmas - thanks a lot, buddy :)

It's genuinely good to hear from you again! I'm also delighted that you like the EP so much! My heart is truly warmed by the amount of support you (and many others) have shown me over the years. I'm gonna keep TheBiocide alive and well for as long as I possibly can! And as for you having time to write reviews, I know how hectic classes can be, so I won't hold it against you if I don't hear from you in a while ;)

Like I said, it's good to see you back, my friend. I appreciate every ounce of support you give me!
Much love, and merry Christmas!


2013-02-04 16:36:26

Its the BEST :P

TheBiocide responds:

Why thank you! <3


2013-03-15 04:18:00

Hey, congratulations on the release! I purchased Backburner and Core Concept. I've always felt something was missing in Core Concept and the piano and variety in the second half make it a lot better. Or maybe it's just because I love piano in electronic music. :P Your tracks have this amazing bass that I can't find anywhere else! I hope to hear more from you!

TheBiocide responds:

Awesome, man! Really appreciate that :D Glad you're feelin' the tunes! I'll be posting here about my second EP sometime soon - keep an eye out ;)


2013-04-27 23:09:08

Can't wait for your next release bruh! Is it coming out soon?

TheBiocide responds:

Actually, yes! Veerry soon! I've got the previews up on my Soundcloud already, but I'll post a big update on here when I get a definite release date ;)

Appreciate the enthusiasm, my friend! Cheers!